Wednesday, March 2, 2016

7 Questions With Sam Ike, Tour Guide on Boston’s Freedom Trail

Sam Ike is a comedian who lives in the Boston area. When not writing his bio, he often performs at many clubs and theaters in America. He's performed either sketch, improv or stand up at the Boston Comedy Festival, Del Close Marathon, Philly Sketchfest, Balitmore Improv Festival and ImprovBoston where he is a cast member of the Mainstage.  He is also a costumed tour guide on the Freedom Trail in Boston. He portrays the character of Prince Hall, a leading colonial abolitionist and the founder of Prince Hall Freemasonry. 

1. How and/or when did you get you hooked on history?
I became interested in history from a young age, probably got really into around 6th grade. 

2. What role does history play or has it played in your personal life?
In my personal life, I feel history really just made me interested in "How", I think it has just made me question things more.

3. How is/How was history a part of your professional life/career?
In my career it constantly begs me to wonder why things are the way they are.

4. Why is studying/knowing history important?
I find history important because it is our best connections to life's biggest answers and everyone loves stories!

5. What is your favorite period or aspect of history to learn about and why?
I may be biased but I find the overall history of Boston to be fascinating from colonial to now. 

6. How did you become a Boston tour guide and how did you prepare for the role?
I became a Freedom trail tour guide the same way as most, I interviewed and auditioned. Preparing for it as far as knowing the material just requires memorization, it's the presentation that is the challenge.

7. You must have been asked some strange questions as a tour guide.  Can you tell us about a few of your more memorable experiences?

Often I get asked "where is the freedom trail" and more often my answer is "You're on it" 

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