Sunday, October 19, 2014

7 Questions with Peter and Meggen Taylor, Historic Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Husband and wife team, Peter and Meggen Taylor, are pleased to announce, Find Everything Historic: the first real estate, design, and travel destination that connects historic property enthusiasts with a way to visit, rent, buy, renovate, or sell the properties of their dreams. Find Everything Historic connects buyers with sellers, vacation renters with owners, businesses with innovation space, renovators with retailers, investors with opportunities, and historic hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, and towns with consumers seeking unique historic property experiences throughout the United States, Europe, and worldwide.  Website:

1.      How and/or when did you get you hooked on history?
We have always been hooked on history. Our love and curiosity for historic places and buildings has been intrinsic to our lives since we were both kids. Meggen grew up in historic towns her entire life. Peter grew up in a historic house and city, studied Latin and Greek, and went to schools that were 150 years old so history has been a constant woven throughout both of our lives and educations.

2.      What role does history play or has it played in your personal life?
It grounds us and gives us a sense of permanence and continuity. It also inspires us. We love everything historic whether it be historic buildings, historic hotels and travel destinations or anything to do with design.

3.      How is/How was history a part of your professional life/career?
We have made history a part of our careers by starting Find Everything Historic, which we eat, sleep and breathe. In our previous business we worked with architects and engineers to preserve historic buildings. In Peter’s younger professional days, he wrote books and articles on history and historic travel and adventure.

4.      Why is studying/knowing history important?
It’s a cliché but you can only contemplate the future by understanding the past. History gives us better perspective on the present. Many things in our lives are changing so fast but history has always changed at a rapid pace and in unforeseen ways. The Greeks, the Romans, and the Italian Renaissance in their times changed mankind forever in ways that no one could have predicted. What’s most important for us is keeping a physical connection to history through historic buildings, architecture, and experiences, and that’s one of the main reasons we started Find Everything Historic.

5.      What is your favorite period or aspect of history to learn about and why?
It might sound obvious but we’re most fascinated by world culture and the imprint every historical period has left on the planet from a building and design standpoint. How did the Egyptians build the pyramids? The Incas Maccu Pichu? The Mayans their temples? The list goes on. No matter what country you live in you will always be surrounded by the architectural history of the cultures that came before you.

6.      Your business is to match potential buyers and renters with historic properties.  Tell us how it came about?
Historic real estate is by definition a niche business. Buyers are specialized. Historic properties themselves are unique, and it takes a certain love and craftsmanship to maintain them. Find Everything Historic grew organically from our own experiences with our own historic properties. There was no central place to search for them when we wanted to buy, and no place to list them when we wanted to sell. We could also never find an integrated site to find historic hotels and vacation rentals when we want to go away, or retailers and contractors when we needed work or renovations done. In the process we realized that there was a hidden historic property lifestyle and economy built around millions of people, consumers, and companies who weren’t communicating and able to do business with one another.

7.      What should someone interested in buying historic property consider as he/she begins the search?
Owning a home is not for everyone and owning a historic property is no different in the regard that you need maintain the property while it is in your hands and this may require the need to call on professionals. People who live in historic homes or buildings are temporary stewards of the property and with that comes so additional responsibilities, but like anything in life that is good—it requires some work but the rewards are worth it. Historic properties are also more often than not located in revitalizing main street towns or historic urban districts, so interested buyers should think about what type of community they’re looking for as well business and job opportunities. Historic towns and neighborhoods are some of the most exciting places to live these days.

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